04 November 2010

My Creative Space

Hello, how are you? It's been so long. Fancy a quick Catch-up? Whatcha been upto? Me? Oh not much. Just abit of pottering around the house. Some spring cleaning. And it's been great to get in the garden again too hasn't it. I've also been really enjoying getting creative making Christmas pressies. This is the hobby horse I made for Maggie. I used the Melly and Me giddy-up pattern. It was so quick and simple and I love his dorky expression.

He's such a cute dopey looking dude don't you think? I'm sure he'll be a perfect little companion for Maggie.

I've also been really digging candlewick again too, or chenille as it's also called. I've given it abit of a back seat in the last year or so, so time for a resurgence I thought when choosing fabric for some pyjammas for Christmas pressies. These have candlewick fronts and vintage sheet backs. I'm sure the tassles around the bottom will get abit yucky over time but who cares for now, they look so cute.

I just can't get enough of these big gathered pockets at the moment too. They've been apprearing on everything I make; the cute A-line mini skirt I made for myself back in July, Maggie's market skirt and now the pj's too. Thanks so much Dana for the tutorial. They're a little bit fiddly, but well worth the effort. A little tip though, when ironing the seams all the way around the edge, I've found it's worth quickly tacking around to secure, saves heaps of time faffing with those damm edges and burning your fingers with the iron.

And all my sewing now has neat little overlocked edges. I'm so chuffed with my overlocker that I bought at a jumble sale in Byron for $30 and carted around for four weeks on our road trip. I spent half a day defluffing, dusting and cleaning it. My mother-in-law was an absolute superstar at threading it, setting all the tensions and giving it a real fine tune and then Kim did abit of oiling and mechancial maintenance and what do you know, it's going like a dream. What an absolute Barry-argin!!! Just gotta try and get hold of a manual now. Any suggestions very gratefully received. It's a Janome MyLock 534D.

So there we have it.

I hope you've enjoyed this little catch-up and I promise it won't be so long again. I've really missed you all in blogland and look forward to having some more catch-ups over at your place, where I'm heading now courtesy of Kootoyoo so stick the kettle on.

Laters alligators.


Maxabella said...

What a lovely post, I enjoyed 'meeting' you! The horse is dopey, loveable and so fresh and unique. x

Kate said...

As an overlocker addict, I totally understand why you shlepped it accross the country side. Loving the pockets and the horsey too.
I should really pop down to Tassie to catch up with my folks soonish, I'll let you know if we do.

delia hornbook said...

Aww Maggie is sooo going to love him hes just adorable. I thought you had dropped off the face of the planet hun, so good to see you back in blog land i have missed you. Big hugs to you all.. Dee xxxx

Morrgan said...

Hahaha, how cute that horse is. :)

Michelle said...

HOOORAY welcome back to blogland..we missed you...you and Sarah posting in the one day...all i can say is about time you two (and yay!!).

Allana said...

I LOVE that horsey Claire - he is gorgeous, and the little PJ's are the sweetest!
Looks like you can download a manual for your overlocker in PDF form for $10 here
I was able to get one for my ancient Singer on a similar site.
Not sure where I saw that original post re: japanese sewing books but here looks helpful
Thanks so much to you and M for dropping by today and with your scrummy cupcakes too! The Munchkin and I look forward to a longer catch up soon!

Lisa said...

Allana and I had the same thought, love the Google! http://www.sewingmachinesplus.com/janome-534d-manual.php

download is awesome ... and it's also kicked my bum 'cause I was wondering where to get a manual for MY ancient Singer .. so now I'll have to do it :)

Claire Gale said...

thanks so much guys for the links. update for you: i tried to order it and didn't have much success as it was an american company and wasn't happy i didn't have a zip code - der it's a pdf!!!! and as you probaly know, i have very little patience with all this techy stuff so i may just have to try again another day:)

Emma Bee said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my post! It was getting a little lonely on this end of cyberspace, heehee. I love your blog, by the way--your life looks like it's filled with fun and color.

sylviesgarden said...

Hello there, thank you for lovely comment. It's great to "meet" you.
I love the things that you make, they are so nice with all that vintage fabric.

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

Ok i'm hooked!!! Love your blog and I'm now a new follower :) Take care and Happy Sewing, Sarah

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