18 October 2010


Rather premature I'm sure, but I have a flutter in my belly. Anticipation that winter is on it's way and the early stirings of Christmas excitement. Don't worry I haven't gone totally doolally, this Christmas in Summer thingy is just still so very confusing for me and I often find myself having to 'reboot' this time of year when I see daffodils and signs that spring is in fact upon us. So, October already, and I'm reminding myself of the pledge I made last year to make (or at least contribute to the making of) all the gifts I give this year for Christmas.

Is anyone else thinking the same and wants to share some free pattern ideas, they would be very graftefully received by me and my readers. The gathered clutch I posted about before would make the perfect present for a purse or a vanity, pencil, art or sewing case. I made another one on Saturday and did much better with my second attempt.

It's such a great project as you can go totally wild and crazy with the design - heheheh. Mix fabrics and styles, add buttons, beads or braids, trimmings and embellishments. I love using contrast lining.

Noddlehead and Made have really good tutorials. Have fun looking and making. I'll let you know what other goodies I come across too.


delia hornbook said...

O Hunny your back i thought you had good lost ;-)) So good to see your post, i love the clutch bag i would love the pattern to have a go myself. They look fab. Can't wait to see your next projects. Yep Autumn has really come here now, very chilly in the morning and last thing at night a great excuse to get those knitted blankets out to snuggle under. Enjoy your spring ;-) Miss you loads. Dee xxx

Lisa said...

ooo, and isn't it just that much lovelier 'in person' :), I love it!

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