08 October 2010

Stitch n Bitch Weekend Oct 2010

Our Stitch n Bitch group meets every Tuesday evening at the Arts Centre in Wynyard and twice a year make a weekend Pilgrimage (via Spotlight) to Camp Banksia in beautiful Port Sorrell. With 'band camp' style acommodation, meals prepared and three whole days of uninterupted sewing it's a much anticipated event.

Stitch n bitch gave me time at last to just sit down, relax and take a breath. I so enjoyed having female company, early nights, lie-ins and chatting over cups of tea. Michelle and I made a 'gathered clutch/purse' and are planning to make matching slouch bags. I'm very pleased to say that I bonded with my purse soon after the swap and proudly boasted "I made it" when people asked me where I got it from today. Get Noodleheads tutorial here.

I also started on a summer dress for Maggie using part of an embroidered table cloth for the yoke. This is going to look so cute when it's finished! Maggie's got such a cutsey look going at the moment as I've been putting ribbons in her hair to keep it out of her eyes whilst it grows.

Six of us also made patchwork panels for baby quilts for Michelle and Georgies new babies with a very lose theme of unisex warm colours. I always love how they end up looking so different and personal.

Check out these gorgeous cats. Wouldn't they be lovely infused with essential oils to have around the home for abit of aromatherapy.

The gorgeous Jacqui won again in my book for best creation with these funky little trousers for her adorable niece. That furry flower is so San Fransisco man.

I always love seeing everyone else's fabric stash and hearing the stories of how and where they were acquired.

And then there was Fleur the finch. Acquired from a garage sale by Jacqui for $10.......I hope she comes to all our Stitch n Bitch weekends!

But alas it was all over so quickly. Next time I WILL get more organised and get there earlier!!!!!


Shara said...

I love, love love this little kitty! Did you make this? I have seen a few others floating around on blogs from other clever/lucky folks who went to the Stitch and Bitch Weekend :-)
Is the pattern available for purchase anywhere? I'd love to try my hand at making one :-)

delia hornbook said...

Looks fab, love your clutch bag the lime fabric is gorg. And the cat is sooo cute, and maggies dress is going to be adorable. Dee xx

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