07 October 2010

Welcome Back

Welcome Back is what I feel like saying, which seems strange as it's me that's back and you can't really say welcome back to yourself can you?  But what I think I mean is welcome back real world, Claire's world, my fulfilling, creative, comfortable life that I've created here in Tassie!! Being away certainly makes me appreciate the space, comfort, freedom and convenience of the things around me.

Whilst we've been unpacking, Maggie-May has been playing the "keep myself out of mischief" game really well.

Showing off her 'market skirt' perfectly for you. I made it before I left for the road trip and thought that it was too small but I love how short it is on Maggie. The pockets will hopefully be better next time. The tutorial is so good and gives measurements for all sizes.

With most of the unpacking finished, the sewing room floor is now the only floor which remains unseen. I'll tackle that tomorrow whilst Maggie's at childcare and maybe even pick up one of the many projects I'm itching to get on with.

And as soon as I get all that put away, I'll show you some pictures from Stitch n Bitch. Another lovely weekend was had by all, even if I did manage to get little done. Don't miss the best bits: our Stitch n Bitch mascot called Fleur:)


Belly Designs said...

Welcome Back!! i have been waiting for your posts to see how your week went

delia hornbook said...

aww welcome back hun, good to hear and read and see lovely little Maggie. xx

Lisa said...

yay, glad to see you back! Looking forward to hearing all about it on the 16th :)

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