06 November 2010

Hola Hermosa Fabrica

I just had to pop-in quickly inbetween getting ready to go out tonight (well just have a shower and wash my hair really) and trying to decide whether I need a little nanna nap, to show you this gorgeous fabric I picked up in Vinnie's yesturday. I just love it.

It's so Cath Kidston-esque don't you think? But from the proper days. What decade do you think? 80's?

It also reminds me of mexican oilcloth.....again! That's another thing I'm so into at the moment, things from South America/folk art and all things gypsy. I saw alot of it around whilst I was exploring Victoria and New South Wales on our road trip.

I just couldn't leave this tray in the shop without it bugging me forever.

I bought the pink cup in Sydney several years ago. I've tried to paint these flowers so often and failed terribly. Remember 'Cherry Blossom' in North Narabeen I posted about before here? They had heaps of gorgeous South American goodness, including some beautiful dresses. See that will bug me for quite sometime that I didn't buy one.

Ok so I've decided, no nanna nap, quick shower and then make a start on a skirt with that gorgeous fabric.

Adios emigos:)

Bugga - Sorry to leave you in suspenders lovelies but please come back for a lookie at the photos tomorrow, I can't find the stupid lead for the camera!!!!!! I'll do it tomorrow promise. Kim's away surfing, he'll know where it is. Trust me it's worth it:)


Lisa said...

wwwwwhaaaaaaa ha ha hahaaa, you are hilarious ;)

delia hornbook said...

O Bugger hun..leave us hanging ;-)) xx

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