23 November 2010

Making Dreams Comes True

We've been making the most of the lovely sunny days we've been having here in Somerset to spread the word about our MadeWithLOVEBazaar market, walking around our hood, posting flyers and chatting to our community.

I felt so funny posting the flyers through letters boxes, especially those that said "No Junk Mail". It's scary when you put yourself out there, try to achieve a dream. The fear is always that 'no-one will come' or you'll get knocked down by negativity. But you've gotta try right?

Maggie is such a little trooper, always happy to come along for the ride on mummy's crazy little adventures. It was so nice to have special treats for tea at our local milkbar in the beautiful early evening sunshine. Chocolate milk and chips....yummo! Thank you for your help you two, you're the best x


Lisa said...

good luck tomorrow girls!

oli-ex said...

Hi Claire,

I met you at the Axemans Makers Market in Latrobe on Sunday, at my Oli-ex stall, and we had a chat about your market. Would you be able to send me some more info about it, as I'd love to take part! (oli-ex@hotmail.com)

Sam Jordan

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