19 November 2010

How are your piles?

A personal question I know seen as we haven’t known each other that long but I just seem to have so many piles on the go at the moment.

This big pile on the floor, we’ll call this pile number one, is things that I can’t wait to get to. A dress for Maggie from two tea towels I picked up when we were away. An Angelina Ballerina style toy for Maggie, with twirly whirly ribbon. The latest Mixtape magazine. The results of a glue experiment. Candlewick bedspreads for more jammies and bags. And right on the top, yes on the top, a crochet hook.......I’ve only gone and got myself a hook! I so badly want to be able to crochet but on a previous attempt I took about 45 minutes studying one illustration on how to hold the stupid hooky dude! A hook is definately a dude you know, not like lady knitting needles......so much attitude!

Cute vintage children’s playing cards which will become pictures, tags, a hanging thingy, notepads or somethign along those lines. All in good time, well only two weeks until the MadewithLOVEBazaar.....I’m so excited I could pee my pants!

Fabrics chosen by friend for a quilt.

Children’s books. I sell those that I already have.

Aprons for the market.

Doily pockets for the market.

These Christmas tags are taking a wee bit longer than I hoped to make, but still fun. Maybe tonight they’ll be a trashy film on the telly and I could do some on the couch.

Hh ha sister, a fan-dabi-doosie knitting machine. My gorgeous mother-in-law Shirley has very kindly given this to me. Many a gorgeous creation would have been whipped up on this as she is one incredibly talented crafter of prize winning bears, porcelain dolls, miniatures, clothes etc etc.

What's in your piles lovely readers? I'd love to see. Have a great weekend whatever you do.


beck said...

Ooh, you have some lovely piles there! Your snap cards are super amazing, what a great find. All your market bits look great too. Hope you have a happy weekend xo

Allana said...

Your piles are lovely, and you are getting super organised! I can't wait to see what everyone has prepared on Saturday, very exciting! I have been madly potting etc too for the 11th, hmm, must put in application...

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