01 December 2010

1st ever!!!! MadewithLOVEBazaar

With our tummies in knots, are hearts bursting with excitement and our cars packed to the roof we meet at Artscape to set up for our first ever 'Made with LOVE Bazaar' market. Me, Michelle and Sarah.

The space looks so small with all our stuff in it!! Lisa has already set up her stall which makes us jump up and down clapping our hands with excitement as it looks so cool and we each panic that our own won't be up to much. We so desperately want this market to entice and spoil our community.

We work on our stalls and also create a vintage clothes room of hangers upon hangers of cool cheap clothes.  An Afghan rug, a full length dressing mirror, 70's eiderdown to change behind and black coconut incense makes this dark dingy room into a boudoir. I wanted to add a candelabra but was worried the H&S police wouldn't like it:)

We put Maggie's birthday party bunting made of satin craps on the outisde of the building and hope and pray that it doesn't get knicked - it did!

We eventually leave at 10.45pm.

And arrive at 8am in the morning. People start arriving early as the farmers market is also on so there are plenty of peeps about. Time just went so fast, before we knew it the crowds had started thining and it was gone midday. Everyone had smiles on their faces and word got around that it had been a massive success for all.

See, there's a happy girly. Shame the buskers couldn't set up though.

Nardia sold all these little dudes! How cute.

I was very pleased indeed with my new sign whipped up the night before when I realised how faded my old one was from being hung in the window at home.

I love the attitude in Michelle's monkeys. She has also been working on some super cute things made from jumpers.

I love the earthy look to Lisa's wares. What that lady can do with a hook and some jute is pretty cool.

Unfortunately I don't have any pics of Sarah's awesome embroidery hoop hangings. These are exactly what I'd love to achieve but just wouldn't be able to. Mental note: to buy some and stash away for new future bedroom.

And I even made some mini cupcakes in case I had to resort to walking the streets doing my best inpression of a town cryer. If Gordan Ramsey can do it, so can I.


delia hornbook said...

it all looks fab well done ;-) xx

Kate said...

Congratulations!! It looks like it was an enormous success. Your stall looks great, I hope you sold lots.

rebecca said...

we came, we shopped & i even bought some of your bunting! can't wait for the next one :)

michelle said...

well done, so glad it went well. god on you

Seaweed and Raine said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! Does lisa of the crocheted just have a website too? I'd love to have a look at her work! :)

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