19 September 2010


Squeezed into the front of our troopy with Maggie-May age 2 on my left and husband age (hehehe) on my right, towing our 1973 Jayco trailer caravan travelling back down South through NSW along the coast on our big road trip. Week five of six and a half and we've just left Yamba - Voted Australia's best town by Australian Traveller magazine.

And all the while my mind is on other things, like what shall I turn my hands to on the Stitch 'n' Bitch weekend? Clothes for Maggie? She has grown so much whilst we've been away and desperetely needs some new togs. The 1's are starting to look abit, well, 'poor' quite frankly. Maybe children are like goldfish, they grow to a size appropriate for their environment. With so much exploring going on, maybe she's outgrowing her goldfish bowl.

Or maybe a hobby-horse for her Christmas pressie.

Or should I take on the big job of loose covers for the two club lounge chairs I bought from Vinnie's for $80 a while ago? A trip to Ikea in Melbourne is on the agenda on the way home so I'm sure to be able to find some cool fabric there.

I'll also be pretty keen to make a start on the tea cosy for the swap which my lovely friend Michelle from Belly Designs has organised. What a brilliant swap that'll be and my tea pot is in desperate much need of a cosy since disappearing down the back of the fridge a couple of years ago. I never did get round to digging it out or replacing it!

OK, so I big fat admit it, I'm really missing my creative space now and can't wait to get back to my sanctuary that is my creative space. These boats, birds and beaches are cool and all but.................!


Lisa said...

so, you save a trip back to Yamba for another time and hurry on home :)

michelle said...

wow that time went quickly. still plotting to sneak the husky-varna into our caravan of conflict

Allana said...

Gorgeous pics Claire! I agree about the goldfish theory, Ella did that when we went to Darwin last year - her clothes were too short and her hair needed cutting and we were only gone 10 days!
Miss your face, come home soon! xx

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