23 September 2010

Caravaning Around

Ok so crap picture alert but I feel like I owe it to you. Do you remember a while a ago I promised to share the completed caravan refurb? So sorry for the delay peeps but here at last are some pics of what was made in my creative space for our little caravan, in situ and in use.

Yep I took the melamine in the end. I was just too scared of breaking the Alfred Meakin. Can you spot Vera? And the gorgeous embroidered pillow slips which were still in their sweet presentation box when I bought them from charity shop.

Beaded curtain in doorway to keep out pesky flys, blackboard cupboard doors for notes and lists, ‘Vera’ the quilt on our bed and a great big aluminium tea pot on the stove that psychologically has become abit of a comfort blanket type thingy for me......you know me and tea!

Late night adventure arrival at Seal Rocks; boiled eggs and soliders then straight to bed. Maggie’s quilt on her bed in the background was the first I made in this design. All quilts I currently have for sale are the similar patchwork design top, vintage sheet backing and snug 100% wool blanket inside all held together with bias binding. Single bed size.

Remember the bench seat covers and the cushions? What a little star Maggie-May has been. She makes such a great gypsy girl with her outgrown haircut, two day old clothes, long finger nails, black between her toes, sand in her belly button and grazes on her knees. Sorry child health police, I promise she’s still 'flourishing'J

All in all this road trip has been an experience with highs and lows and lots of other stuff inbetween. Plus, I've learnt lots about myself.

1) I love my little girl more than anything, she is truly amazing.
2) I'm really bad at doing nothing.
3) I need a combination of country, coast and city to be happy.
4) I love sleeping in fresh air.
5) I tire of shopping pretty quickly.
6) I will never be able to surf.
7) I don't enjoy cooking in a caravan as much as I do at home.
8) I get frustrated if I have a book to read and don't get time to read it.
9) I can drive a troopy whilst towing a trailer carvan.
10) I need to stare at the telly for a short while before I go to bed to turn off my tired brain.
11) I can't cope with a two year old by myself.


Allana said...

that was so weird - you must have edited as I was reading it cause one second there was a pic with your feet and the next it was gone - ha ha!
Your refurb looks awesome and it is so great that Maggie enjoys travelling. I agree about the coping by yourself thing.I wish I could, but I just can't - tired stressed mummies do not make happy companions! :)

Allana said...

ahh - you changed it again - ha ha - well thats it, I'm going to bed xx

Out Back said...

Love the way you have decorated the caravan, the blues look great, nice and refreshing. The beaded curtain is a good idea.

We are the owners of a camper trailer and are hoping to go touring for the next two weeks, to who knows where. Ds wants to go to Qld. Better get packing...


delia hornbook said...

aww mate you look so different and so well, gorg picture of you. And iggle Maggie-may i can't believe how much she has grown ;-) Gorg reburb you have done yourself proud ;-) When are you home? learning things about yourself is great and the best part is not being afraid to admit things ;-)) aww mate i do miss you. Hope to speak with you soon. Love and hugs to you all xxxx

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Hello Hun...oh I am so jealous!

1. Your gorgeous van!
2. Your skillful ways with fabric.
3. Such a cutie-pie daughter.
4. ...and that beautiful figure of yours!

Lovely post. xxx

Lisa said...

ah fabulous :) ... and yes, a road trip does bring home a few home truths eh - but in a good way I hope!

and nothing wrong with two day old clothes and a bit of grot - think how fabulous her immune system is :)

looking forward to hearing the adventures!

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