14 September 2010

Road Trip Purchases

After my last pathetic post I pulled myself together, stopped feeling so silly, grabbed some of my new purchases and headed for the beach to take some snaps for you. Byron was not looking it's best as at that precise moment, the clouds decided to pay a visit.

Can you see what beautiful vibrant greens these are?

These were from the retro shop in Bangalow. Oh my goodness gracious me, how chuffed was I to find these. There is six meters of the purple one! All original 60/70's fabrics.

The orange is a massive seer sucker table cloth which I think will make a very lovely summery dress. One of the ladies at our Stitch and Bitch group has lots and lots of paterns so I'm looking forward to searching through them at our next Stitch 'n' Bitch weekend which happens to be the weekend after I get back - yippedydooda yippedyday my oh my what a wonderful........weekend that'll be! And if anyone wants to come along, everyone is welcome so just email me.

You can also see that I've picked up some other little bits of new fabric remnents too. A really funky big check seersucker that'll be great for another 'market skirt' for little Maggie - actually I don't think I showed you the last one I made! It's such a great simple and easily adjustable pattern.

Oh and in my last little sad ramble, so miserable was I that I forgot to tell you about another lovely little place I visited on the Pacific Highway at Ulmarra. The shop sign just says something like 'Old Wares' but the owner has a very good eye for all things lovely so make sure you pop in for a goesey gander if you're passing. I bet you a million pounds, woops dollars, that you don't leave empty handed:)


willywagtail said...

What fabulous finds. I am feeling distinctly jealous right now. ;( Cherrie

Belly Designs said...

We had heaps at Stitch n Bitch tonight again...even had to use the other room. I'm so excited i am actually thinking of starting to pack stuff for it.
Miss you xo

delia hornbook said...

O mate, the pink, the purple and the orange flower fabric please send some my way i love them love them love them you are so lucky. It is so hard to find vintage fabric here at the moment unless you want to pay full price for it. I did manage to find some gorg 60's blue flower fabric curtains this morning in the chairty shop and im going to make a couple of cushion for the frontroom. Dave will kill me saying its vintage curtains you just cant't cut them up. But a girl has to do what a girl has to do ;-) Big hugs hunny xx

Lisa said...

I'm positive we had that orange flowered tablecloth! Too funny!!!!!

Glad you're still having fun, you know there's always a period in any holiday when you get a bit down in the dumps :)

midge said...

what a stash you are collecting. sounds like fun

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