13 September 2010

Byron Bay and Bangalow

It's funny isn't it. This blog thingy. I thought that it would be fun to write my blog whilst away on my road trip, like a journal of our big adventure. Like a daily diary and a fix of normalness in all the chaos and unfamiliarity that is a camping holiday. But to be honest I have actually found it to be abit of a bore and I'm really struggling with it. How are you going with it? Are you missing all the usual Baby Boudoir creative stuff? I am. I'm really missing making things and I'm frustrated by having lots of new ideas and not being able to get home and try them out.

I'm also torn between trying to be infomative about places we've stayed and visited and just writing my normal kind of dribble about stuff that I've seen that I like. Like these mosaics set into the pavements in Byron Bay's main street. (Tip - don't go in search of these on a Sunday morning as they may well be disguised with spew and discarded kebabs).

I also want to tell you about the fabulous markets I've enjoyed and the amazing handmade things I've seen. Like the cruisy Lennox Head market where we bought fresh fruit, ate yummy pastries, dipped our feet into the cooling lake and had a lovely chat with Anna from Cuban Pink about the difficulties of promoting and selling commercially viable handmade products.

I also need to tell you about Bangalow and the amazing retro shop I found there where I bought a whole heap of the best vintage/retro fabric ever. See that's another thing, I want to take photos of all these things to show you but since Maggie has taken on a whole new extrovert outgoing personality, I'm finding it harder to keep tabs on her and she is therefore taking up more of my time.

Maybe that's it, maybe there is just too much to tell you and I just don't know where to start; travel guide, restaurant critic, shopping guide, art critic, wildlife expert. Oh I don't know, I'm abit lost in my blog at the moment. I was just glad to take these pictures as in my mind I've been planning some mosaicing just like this to cover the ugly wall in our backyard for quite some time now.

I hope you're all enjoying your creative spaces. What have you been up to? I'd love to hear all about it. I feel like I've been so out of touch. I've really missed reading about what you've all been up to as time has not allowed me to venture to all your blogs for some time. All in all I'm feeling abit left out in blogland, like the new girl at school. I know I shouldn't grumble, I'm on holiday.


Allana said...

Just enjoy your holiday lovely. It has been nice following along with you and seeing the things you are discovering, but don't worry, we'll still be here to share all the news and exciting finds when you get back! We are making progress on our house reno and not doing a lot of crafty things, other than some quite interesting play dough creations today he he. :) x

delia hornbook said...

Aww hun, i second what Allana says just enjoy it all and all the magic and wonderful things you are seeing. You can use all your wonderful new idea's when you get home and we can be going Cor or Wow at them ;-)And be that little bit jealous ;-)) Iv been really busy collecting and im now only working 3 days a week so i have 2 whole days to sew away and get my little goodies together ready to hopefully sell. Love an miss you loads xxxx

michelle said...

i understand completely but i think you are being a bit hard on yourself. what you have been posting makes a great read and i love your pics. absolutely confer with the first two bloggers say. relax enjoy your adventure, post if you feel like it and the whole shebang will still be here when you return. have fun

Claire Gale said...

awww thank you so much for your kind words friends xxxx

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