22 August 2010

Sorry For My Absence

They say "absence makes the heart grow fonder".  So I stayed absent and waited and waited but still there was no fondness for my blog and my words seem to fail me. Bum I thought, I've lost my blog mojo already. What kind of blogger am I lasting only eight months...........not a very good one that's what! But hey, I think my blog mojo may be back at last. Today (day 5 of our road trip) we arrived in Leura and I feel very very inspired to tell you all about it! After all it would be such a shame to miss this opportunity to share my road trip stories and discoveries with you. This was taken on day 1 in Trentham where we stopped for lunch.

We had been driving through central Victoria and NSW for 3 days whilst the rain continued to pour and a few bad experiences in towns less than welcoming made us move on. But this morning we woke up to a beautiful crisp sunny winters day and decided to head East towards Sydney, crossing the Great Dividing Range and into the Blue Mountains. Leura came upon us quite by surprise this afternoon just in time for our 'tea and pee' stop. Upon noticing a CWA market in a cute cottage, I shouted STOP, then added a little more softly "maybe we could have a really quick little lookie here pretty please you wonderful wonderful person you".

This kind of pleasant mannered begging has become an essential skill when pursuading a husband driving a campervan towing a trailer caravan in small narrow winding roads and towns to do a U'ey just for me to look in a shop! Anyway, he agreed it would make a good "tea and pee" stop so we clambered our stiff bodies out of the miniscule front seats of our campervan with Maggie chirping in support "walk, walk" and headed up the high street of Leura for a little lookie. My oh my, what a divine little vilage. Characterful heritage cottages, beautiful gardens and a small high street with wibbly wobbly pavements lined with blossom trees and speciality boutique shops.

I managed to get a glimpse in Leura's Toy Shop, buy dinner for the evening in Leura's Gourmet Deli and jostled alongside some students in a Leura's Vintage before closing time and pursuading 'the driver' that we should stay the night so that we could continue our little lookie in the morning.

Now, just before I go, I need to mention a few things. Firstly I need to apologise in advance for the rubbish quality of the photos I'll be posting whilst we're on our road trip, I've just realised that I don't have the same editing programme on our little old laptop.

Secondly, I can't wait to share some pictures of our little caravan with you now that we've finished the refurb once we're all set up in a caravan park in Sydney, so please pop by again soon.

At lastly, but most importantly, I want to say a massive thank you to Justine Telfour at Mixtape for featuring Baby Boudoir in the latest issue - All Around the World. Stoked I was to be included in such a fantastic publication, made my heart proper flutter. And if you've found your way to my blog after seeing the mention and wish to make a purchase from Baby Boudoir, just email me and mention "Mixtape rocks" to get 10% OFF your purchase. My bunting, softies, bags and quilts can be seen over there on the right so scroll back up to the top to see all.


Lisa said...

Hey, so awesome to see/hear where you've been - and LEURA, one of my all time favourite places in the world, I just love it! I've bought an apple pie at that gourmet deli, and bought a fabulous spiral glass globe windchime which hangs on mum and dad's verandah at that toy shop ... it's a beautiful place I'm glad you're loving it, so worth stopping! I guess you may well have missed Katoomba then .. pity, it's fabulous too! But, even though I guess you'll have had a cold night, you're now heading into warmer weather and no rain so good luck for the rest of the trip :)

Allana said...

Missing you here, but happy to hear your journey is eventful! Have a fantastic time and see you when you get back :) xx

Killiecrankie Farm said...

Great road trip - looks like you are finding heaps of "inspiration". Looks like the Mojo has some muse again :)
Norman Lindseys Gallery up there at Leaura is worth a visit

michelle said...

very exciting times ahead. i hope it all goes swimmingly. i will be so keen to follow your adventure as we plan to do our own road trip in august, september and october of next year to central aus. just in the baby planning phase at present but so exciting. one of the things i look forward to most is blogging along. will be on the lookout for your next instalment. have fun

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