30 July 2010

A Cute Little Skirt

Hmmm, it's all been abit quiet over here hasn't it? How about you, still keeping busy? This is about all I've sewn up the last couple of weeks. That and a couple of pom-poms:)

I used Burda 8237 pattern which made me feel pretty hip and cool as it was from Burda's 'young fashion' range and after looking at the fab tutorials by Made, I decided to pop on two of her 'gathered pockets' on the front.

I love these short little a-line skirts as they're great in the winter over jeans, with leggings or tights and boots and in the summer they look so pretty on their ownsome. And it's a great way to use funky retro fabric without looking too much like you're wearing a curtain. That's my next challenge, a dress out of a curtain, without it looking too curtainy. That's me then peeps, very quiet over here at the mo. Bye bye.


Steve Finnell said...

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Lulu said...

I love that skirt, and it looks great on you.

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