28 August 2010

Cherry Blossom

Since arriving in North Narrabeen in Sydney we have been catching the bus into the city most days and on this journey I am always on the look out for unusual shops. And boy have I found a beauty.

Remember me talking a while back about my love of Mexican oil cloth with all it's garish flowers and colours, well this shop is just full of beautiful bright Mexican style homewares and fashion.

The fabrics used for the quilts, cushions and throws all have that bright turquoise and pink which I like to combine. And the bowls, dishes, cups, trinket boxes and small pieces of furniture are handpainted in that 'gypsy caravan' floral style that I have attempted to paint myself very unsuccessfully.

For me shopping isn't always so much about making a purchase as being inspired. I like to notice design. I enjoy thinking about how what I like has been created; the colour combinations and patterns, the techniques and products used and the overall style that has been achieved.

When it comes to fashion however, I just like what I like. I follow no particular style. I wear what feels right for my mood. I enjoy wearing feminine dresses but feel equally comfortable in jeans and hoodies. But ultimately I'm always drawn to bright coloured dresses and cardi's and that's why this shop appealed to me. I could easily have bought at least four dresses here but unfortunately the only things on my shopping list that day were groceries.

We will however be passing this shop again so who knows, maybe a wee purchase will on the cards at a later date. And if you're ever visiting the Northern Beaches, I strongly recommend that you go in for a goosey gander and buy yourself something beautiful to brighten up your day.

Cherry Blossom: 1186 Pittwater Road, South Narrabeen. Call 02 9971 9127 or email.


Melinda said...

I love explosions of colour like that. And turquoise would have to be the most cheerful colour on earth.

michelle said...

sounds fantastic, will put that on the list of must visit. love the way you see shopping expeditions as idea gathering adventures. sometimes i think actually purchasing makes the adventure less enjoyable. all that buyers remorse. keep having fun

Robyn said...

i love Cherry Blossom and ALWAYS find something beautiful,unique and lovely
just bought a small handpainted from mexico clay superman figurine with crazy corpse bride type face and a fabulous cd by Ozzie Wrong!
bought a dress by QLD deisgner BOOM SHANKAR ....love it

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