04 June 2010

Arabian Delights

Massively bad day today!!! My sewing machine banged to a spectacular halt first thing this morning when I had a whole day of sewing ahead of me in preparation for Burnie Farmers Market tomorrow. I've been sulking and walking around in circles all day. So I need to do something to take my mind off it. Do you mind if I do abit of therapy right here on my blog?

The other night I went with the girls to see the new Sex and the City movie. WOW I loved it (much more than the first). It had me belly laughing the whole way through. Anyway, it reminded me of my time in Morocco. So if you don't mind I thought I'd indulge in some arabian delights.

I'd wanted to go to Essouira and Marrakesh for a long time for the arts and crafts.

So I told Kim about the surf breaks in Taghazout.

Oh the Souks!!!! Not for the faint hearted though. Morocco was definately the dodgiest place I've ever been, but we survived and have some extraordinary memories and stories from our experience.

Two strippy throws, a lamp, two carpets, several baskets, a leather bag, tea glasses, a teapot, two pairs of the funny shoes (like Carrie bought), a whole load of bowls and other bits of ceramics later I had just about filled Kim's board bags!!!!

Below is Yves Saint Laurent's garden where you can actually buy that 'blue/purple' colour in a tin!

We were actually there for 'part one' of our honeymoon.

Part two - Glastonbury Festival. We landed at the airport, quick bag swap and off we went, arriving to start work in the cabaret cocktail bar at midnight!!!!

So now, back to reality - I'm still doing Burnie Farmers Market tomorrow I just won't have as much stock as I hoped. But please come along, I'd love to meet any locals. It'll definately be worth it as Simon Bryant from The Cook and the Chef will be there looking at local providors and doing a cooking demo. Never mind the rain, it's a good excuse to put on those funky wellies we all have! OOOh that reminds me........Hunter wellies a calling! See ya tomorrow x


Allana said...

sorry about your bag luck Claire, but thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics! Looks like you had an amazing time!
I am hoping to get the the market tomorrow, will be packed I think! Happy marketing if I don't see you there :)

Allana said...

*bad* *to the* - oops, must proof read before commenting :P

michelle said...

So lovely meeting you today Clair, I hope you had lots of success at the Market today. Will look forward to catching up again soon. M xx



Lisa said...

hope it went so well!!!!!

Lisa said...

Claire, do you know this site?

http://www.picturepatchwork.com.au/ - they're based in Latrobe ...

green tea and red nails said...

hope your sewing machine gets better soon...

thanks for sharing these pics! Morocco is definately near the top of my travel list - looks AMAZING!

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