06 June 2010

Questions and Answers

There seems to be a whole lot of questions and answers type posts flying around the blogosphere at the moment giving Micheal Parkinson a run for his money. Isn't it a lovely way for us cyber buddies to get to know each other? I loved reading Kate's recent post at Fox's Lane blog where she answered many personal questions, so in the spirit of 'give and take' when I was asked to answer some questions by Allana at High Maintenance Hippy I thought "sure, why not?"

1. Would you rather eat out or cook at home?
At the moment, definately eat out! Wild cafe/restaurant in Penguin is a favourite and we haven't been for yonks. I usually enjoy cooking but I'm feeling abit overwhelmed at the moment so you caught me on a bad day. Tonight we ate left over mexican from a dinner I cooked for friends last night.

2. What is your favourite quote?
When I was about fourteen I decided "life is what you make it" and have always lived by this. There's another one too but it's too long to remember and I can't find it online. I had it on a poster in my loo for years, something about sustainability and the enviornment. I used to ponder it over whilst having a tinkle:)

3. Name one thing you have purchased in the last week.
Undies for Maggie - she has recently stopped wearing nappies.

4. Do you have any animals?
A crazy teenage blue heeler called Oxley (who Maggie likes to dress in wellies and a hat), a very fat and old lady terrier called Molly (who Oxley tries to shag on a regular basis - poor thing) and a sleepy middle-aged cat called Moriarty.

5. Where would your ultimate holiday be?
I love to travel and find it easy to do. So for me the ultimate holiday is one that is unfortunately virtually impossible. Devon/Somerset in England in an old cottage in full winter snow at Christmas. With Kim, Maggie, all my family and all my friends (Australian and English) - all together in one place at one time. That would be heaven on earth! A definate lottery win dream.

6. If you could ask one question of god/buddha/guru/the universe what would it be?
What benefit is their to people worshiping an 'imaginary' superior spiritual being over and above their fellow human beings? hmmmm that's abit controversial isn't it!

7. Would you rather be warm or cold?
Warm, but I don't like being hot.

8. What is your all time favourite movie?
Hmmm that's a toughie. I have so many favourite movies! Bridget Jones springs to mind right now.

9. Are you over answering questions yet? lol
Na, I'm good, and there's only one more.

10. What would you say to teenage you?
a) Listen and respect your mum, she knows alot more than you think and is the one person who has your best interest at heart. b) You don't know everything! c) It's OK to feel abit weird right know.

Thanks Allana, that was fun! Anyone else playing along? Let us know in the comments. It'll be fun to get to know each other better. Hope you have a good week.


Allana said...

thanks for answering Claire! I can picture your holiday scene all "The Holiday"-like but with tonnes of people :)

Lynn said...

Claire, thank you so much for stopping by my dollhouse blog. I would be flattered for you to link to it. Your blog is lovely!! I love the things you make.


Lulu said...

Wild is one of my favourites too. Always good.
Poor Molly.
Humans over gods, I agree.
Bridget Jones? Nah.

evelouise said...

Lovely blog Claire, thanks for stopping by mine! It is nice to meet other little island bloggers!
Eve xx

green tea and red nails said...

love your comments to your teenage self! its so interesting to think about the things i wish i had known...

Allana tagged me also and i am just in the process of answering! pop over if you have time...


kel x

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