12 May 2010

Places I Love to Visit

I feel I need to share a few things with you. There are several special places; shops, beaches, towns, countries, cities that I get seriously excited about when a visit is iminent. Why all of a sudden do I feel the need to share this? I think it's because this will be the first year since leaving the UK in 2004 that I am not going home this summer (Tassie winter). Already I'm feeling the jitters of missing out on my annual dose of visits to my favourite places. There are soooo many to name so I'll try and keep it to those places that offer a 'cyber' experience i.e. they have an online shop or at the very least I'll provide good photos for fantasy purposes.

V W Rouleaux. Your mouth will hit the ground when you step inside this alladins cave of braids, tassels, ribbons, buttons, beads, fastenings, fringes, crystal pendants, feathers, elastic, trimmings etc. In Sloane Square London, it's a must for any haberdashery hoarder!

Lyme Regis is one of my favourite seaside towns. It's where I spent 'bucket and spade' holidays as a child and despite it's massive popularity now, I still love to visit when I'm home. Blue Lias Gallery in Lyme sells locally produced art and crafts. 

I love the gallery so much we had our wedding gift list with them so that we could purchase one special piece of art to remind me of home. This is what we bought, by Cath Read.


The picture is of the next little cove around from Lyme, a place called Beer. It' where dad used to take me for spontaneous fish and chips by the sea after work on lovely summer nights.

The gallery also stocks metal sculptures by Michael Turner which I love.

And I have to admit to coming away with one of these funny mermaids by Jan Daniels during one visit. She lives in Maggie's fairy lights....the mermaid that is, not the artist:)

Also in Lyme Regis is the wonderful kids shop Primary Colours where they sell the most amazing textile collage pictures by Rachel Hewitt (who unfortunatelty I can't find any info about online) and beautiful kiddies clothes by Lizzie Shirt.

Another must for me is to spend time in the countryside; camping, walkng, sunbathing, playing, just hanging out. Ok so there's not much I can offer you for the cyber experience here, but check out this little gypsy caravan I've discovered available to hire in Wales. I'll definately put this high on the 'must-do' list for our next visit.....!!

I hope you like this selection. They'll be more 'day-dreamy' places over the winter I'm sure.

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Julie said...

Gorgeous caravan, I'd love to spend a night in it.

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