15 May 2010

Retro Scents

Oh how evokative scents can be. A simple sniff can take us to places, events and times that even Docs' flux capacitor in Back to the Future could not manage. This thing I have about retro scents came to me when killing time in the duty free at an airport. I was smelling the 'old fashioned' perfumes (or 'traditional' as the annoying sales assistant referred to them), the ones you used to wear at school or when you first discovered make-up and fashion and glamorous grown-up things like that. Wow, that little sniff of YSL Paris took me right back to school disco's. I ended up buying all my old favourites; Paris, Anais Anais and Lulu and now wear them all the time as they make me smile on the inside. It's like a little secret I have with myself.
When my dear Grandma passed away one of the most treasured possessions I took from her was her bottles of perfume. She was always such a glamarous, proud, dignified lady. She spent alot of time on her appearance and loved fashion. She always smelt so pretty. She was also a lady who always had pockets and handbags stuffed with handkerchiefs smelling of her lovely perfumes. Grandma's little bottles of perfumes are now so precious to me. Every time I feel the need, I press my nose against the little metallic top just near the spray and sniff in the beautiful scent of my dear Grandma. Occasionally I actually wear one of her perfumes to fully embrace myself in her, but this is a special treat. YSL Riva Gauche and Gloria Vanderbilt were her favourites.


One of my favourite perfumes is Michael Kors. A perfume I bought in Paris when Kim and I got engaged. This scent therefore is so reminiscent of that very special butterflies in the tummy feeling of being newly engaged, feeling full of excitement and love of what a rosie future lies ahead. Very useful when I'm feeling abit grouchy with Kim. One little squirt and Kim's the best husband all over again.

Isn't it amazing how scents can influence our feelings and moods. I think we should use this to our advantage. I think we should all wear those uncool retro scents to take us to those special times and places that make us feel happy, romantic and reminiscent. Wear them all the time, have oil burners emitting scents to remind us of our first kiss or a special person, an occasion or a time in our life. So go grab that old bottle of Anais Anais pushed to the back of your dressing table, or your dads old bottle of Old Spice and see how it affects you.......try it, it's lush.


Taylor Made said...

Hey thanks for the trip down memory lane...Paris,Chloe Anais Anais and Charlie were among my favorites when I began working at the perfume counter at the local dept store as a young adult

Claire Gale said...

hehehe that's funny..... i also worked in the perfume counter of a department store for one week before they put me onto hoisery! i loved charlie too. it's so eighties isn't it:) i need to get some charlie, that'll really make me giggle on the inside....more poor friends, will think i've gone crazy!

Claire Gale said...

i mean 'MY' poor friends (not more)...oops

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