10 May 2010

Crocosaurus and Labels

At last, I have made progress on several of my 'awaiting attention' projects. You remember how I was having problems and getting very frustrated and despondent about creating a new little character to add to the Baby Boudoir range......well here it is at last. It's just a sneek peek for now as I need to make just a few very minor adjustments but I'm so pleased I wanted to share him with you........... meet crocosaurus (half crocodile half dinosaur)!

Another reason I wanted to share this with you, apart from jumping with joy that it's almost done and I'm so pleased with my new funky little friend, is that I have also received the labels that I ordered and they are perfect, exactly what I hoped. It took an awful lot of research to find a company that could produce custom designed embroidered labels. You can find them here.

Chuffed to bits I am.

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