10 May 2010

Monday Morning Book Club

It was my birthday on Saturday and I received several beautiful books including this one which I will share with you today. All you fans of upcycling, reforming and refashioning will love this book. The book is called Free-Style Handmade Bags and Skirts, but it's the 'free-style' bit that stands out when you look at this book. It's so much more 'urban street cool' than others I've seen which tend to go for either that 'home-spun' or 'pure organic cotton' look. This is different, it's more New York than New England, more hippy chic than shabby chic......are ya gettin me?

There are 50 projects for bags and skirts with easy to follow instructions. The first chapter - Sewing and Pattern Making Basics is particularly good in this book and helpful for anyone attempting their first project.

1 comment:

creative kate said...

I have just discovered your Monday morning book club, ooh I am so inspired by it, especially the free style handmade bags and skirts.
The book club is such a good idea, keep up the good work :-)

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