22 March 2010

Monday Morning Book Club

In my pantry I have a big bag of cardboard boxes, bottle tops, toilet rolls, string, etc which I collect ready for the day when Maggie-May is old enough to start making things like cars, dolls houses and model villages....... I just can't wait! Already she has her own basket of beads, buttons, 'bubbles' (as she calls them), material & paper scraps, fabric flowers, trimmings and boxes which she happily plays with when imitating me sewing.

Art/craft is so important to children in excersing their creative brain.  It stimulates their imagination, is a great form of self expression, improves motor skills and encourages them to be independent in decision making, problem solving, experimentation and encourages perseverence, thus increasing their confidence and self esteem.

So start collecting bits and bobs now and order yourself a copy of this book from your local library or book shop and start creating with your childen. There are 35 step-by-step projects for you to choose from that use natural, recycled and found materials. The projects are mainly suited to older children (3+) but the 'pumpkin animals' and 'cardboard sandals' could be fun for you and your toddler. My favourites are the peg dolls, the pom-pom caterpillar and the dolls house.


Kellie P said...

Ohh, I can't wait until Kade is old enough for his 'Making Things Box'! It has been sitting in the cupboard, neatly labelled for months - I've been collecting all sorts of bits & pieces since he was born and although he can play with a few things, I am hanging out for when he (we!) can get into it and start MAKING!

I'll definitely have to have a look at this book!

Claire Gale said...

i know kellie, i'm not sure who gets the most fun out of it.....them or us:)

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