22 March 2010

Five Faves!

Oh Pip, that's another fine game you've got us into - List five favourites. That's hard, but very very fun:) Here's mine:

1. Chicks that can sing and dance like no-one is watching.....give it a go with this :)

2. Wiveliscombe......home, I miss it so much:(

3. Fish and chips.......I'm starving.......mmm.............shall I?

4. Google. THANK GOD FOR GOOGLE. Mr Google is a genius. Just type in what you want and........... bingo! I've been really testing him lately too, with all these late nights in front of my computer learning about blogging I've found myself asking him silly questions like "how the hell am I supposed to get my blog to do this instead of that".

5. Glastonbury Festival. Being a hippie's daughter from the West Country it's only natural that this should be a big part of my life, and has been since I first went in 1979, aged 7 years. Now I only get to go when I'm back in the UK, but trips are always planned around it. I could write a whole post on 'Glasters'  I love it so much. Go back, way back, for some real hippie lovin'. Stick with the video it's a gem.

Courtesy Xbox 360 Videos


Louise @ Illume Design said...

Hey Claire

I have given you a blog award today, don't feel as if you have to play along, I have passed this award onto you because I just love and enjoy your blog.


Bubby Makes Three said...

Cute blog!! Love your handmade quilts!

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