26 March 2010

Stitch and Bitch Weekend March 2010

It's here, no more sleeps. In a couple of hours I'm off on the Stitch and Bitch weekend in Port Sorrell and my poor little car is stuffed full with all my bits and bobs. I'm gonna take several projects, mainly those that need finishing but also one special project - a skirt. Having never attempted dress-making before I thought I'd take the plunge and take advantage of the fact that they'll be so many lovely ladies with a multitude of talents who I'll be able to turn to for help when I get stuck. With a 'to-do wish list' as long as the great wall of china, it was so hard to decide what to do, but I've decided on these:
  • A-line ankle length skirt - based on my longtime favourite skirt (which really needs to go for rags). It's gonna be tough as I will have to make the pattern and sew stretching fabric....yickes!!!!
  • The final part on the baby quilt - hand sew the binding.
  • Make some flower embellishments for applique on some new bags.
  • Fix a seam on a favouite pair of shorts (my 5 min. saturday morning hangover task).
  • I've also taken some knitting for night-time.
And this is my paking list which I managed to squeeze into my car:
  1. Sewing machine.
  2. Sewing baskets containing threads, needles, pins, pens, scissors, craft knives, rotary cutter, lippy, tape measures, colour chart etc etc
  3. Cutting mat, meter rule, set square, compass.
  4. Drawer of trimmings, embroidery threads, lace, buttons, beads, zips, bias binding etc etc
  5. Ironing board and iron.
  6. My big basket of fabric scraps.
  7. Fabric for skirt and skirt I'm copying.
  8. Gin, tonic, lemons, nibbles and a Victoria sponge I whipped up this morning.
  9. Clothes, quilt, towel (mmm should I take my bikini, there's a pretty cool beach on the doorstep). I will, hang-on i'll just go and get it..........ok, got it:)
  10. Outfit for tonight, we're going to see a Fleetwood Mac tribute band - can't wait for that :)
  11. Camera.
Sorry there's no photos on this post, I've packed the damm camera right at the bottom!!!!! hehehehe But I will take heaps during the weekend, promise. In the meantime, thought this pic was pretty funny. Gotta go for hair appointment now. Bum gonna be late. Pop back Monday for the all goss :)

1 comment:

Lisa said...

have fun! HOpefully I'll be able to make it next time :)

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