19 March 2010

A Reminder

I realised today when I was sending out an order that my tags don't have my blog/website address on them......damm damm damm!!! So whilst Maggie-May was at childcare this afternoon, instead of making a start on my pincushion that I am doing for the swap organised by the wonderful Kate at Foxs Lane, I had to redo the entire batch of tags.

Whilst boring jobs like this are tedious, they do give us time to daydream and I realised that when I originally made this batch of tags, I didn't have a website or even many customers. It also got me thinking about how I regarded my little 'hobby business'. I was still very shy and insecure about my creations back then whereas now I want to shout it to the world and tell anyone that'll listen. So pleased with my progress am I that I'd like to give everyone who's encouraged me a massive tickle monster bit of lovin'.

1 comment:

Allana said...

he he he, just found this post - great photo!

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