06 May 2012

Sewing Clothes Kids Love

I’m wearing a very satisfied smile at the moment and Maggie-May is wearing a very smart new wardrobe for winter.

Once again my favourite patterns from the Sewing Clothes Kids Love book have just proved themselves as possibly THE BEST for everyday trousers and tops. The Dortje trousers are such a cool style, more like jeans. Nicely fitted around the tummy/bottom/thigh area, a kick flare at the bottom and a fake fly. High enough to ensure vests stay tucked in yet not so high that your little one ends up looking like Simon Cowel.

The best thing about this pattern is that it’s so easy to put your own personal design touches to make your creation unique. Use contrasting threads, oversized stitching, knee patches, add buttons, ruffles, braids and ric-rac. I love to make these with needle cord and jumbo cord. The next pair I plan to make will be with velvet, ou la la!

I use the basic Inka top pattern as a block and play around with it a little depending on the fabric I’m using. The basic pattern as it is works great as a basic jersey cotton top (choose either long or short sleeves or both), but with some easy alterations you can use non-stretch fabrics, or a combination of the two. And once again you can never over embellish these tops. They look great with a big appliqué design on the front too, or a hood. When I made Maggie’s pyjama tops with this pattern, I appliqué a big M on the front. M for mischief that is! I use the ‘Cooper’ font for letter appliqués. It has that retro high school footie sweater style.

I have to say that for me both the top and the trousers pattern have abit too much flare at the bottom so I trim this a little, but that’s just a personal thing.

So, inspired? I promise you will not go wrong with these patterns. They are so straight forward, with easy to follow instructions. And the best thing is there are no zips or buttons holes. The most difficult part is probably the neck, but this just takes practice. Trust me if I can do it, so can you.

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