02 April 2012

Naughty Dolls

Ok so enough of the summer, camping, surfing and general dossing around in the sun, it's probably about time I slipped back into my sewing room hey? Not that I'm sad about that, i'm pretty excited actually. I have several new projects i'm keen to get going on. And it's not that I've been sat around doing bugger all, it's just that my sewing has mainly been for our dear little caravan or ourselves. Giving sewing for the market abit of a break has kinda been nice. But I have to say the old brain cells have been working overtime storing all those day dreamy ideas for future projects and these little dolls were first on the cutting table.

But oh dear, now I have a problem. I had a photocopy of the pattern from a fund raiser book. The pattern was attributed to Joanna Monte. That name sounded familiar and I always like to credit designers so I did a quick google search and I have now discovered that this is one of One Red Robin's patterns. No wonder I liked it so much, such a talented designer. So now I feel I can't sell these.

Hmmm what a shame. Maybe these will have to be one-offs, and I promise not to do it again! Naughty dolls.

1 comment:

Pepper B said...

Oh! These are exquisite! I'd buy one if I could... maybe I could give you a "donation'?! Or barter something?! x

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