21 November 2011

More Gypsy Love

Oh my giddy aunt, have you ever seen anything more cute than this? It's a sewing box and is made by Cath Kidston, you can find them here.

I reckon on average I must type gypsy caravan into google at least once a week for a regular fix of all things gypsy and hopefully inspire Mr Gale to build us our very own, but I have never stumbled upon this little beauty before. It's certainly got me thinking, maybe something new for my gypsy range?

I'm even more perplexed though that I didn't find myself with one tucked into a shopping bag on leaving the shop as I did in fact visit the Cath Kidston Marylebone High Street shop during my recent visit to the UK. It was quite a treat as I hadn't gone in search for it. I was there hunting out posh charity shops. Incidentally, I found many posh charity shops and bought the most awesome pair of Zara jeans.

Pssst! Just for the record, Cath Kidston to me is very much like that record that you loved until it was played to death on the radio and you become very bored of it indeed. I guess that makes me a mainstream snob does it? Having said that, I wouldn't be dissappointed if Father Christmas decided to stuff one in my stocking! After all, I have been a good girl:)

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