20 November 2011

Memories from Home - Montecute House

Promise you won't laugh? I know you will though, I would if I were you, but I get this funny feeling when I'm in old country homes. Yes I am about to absorb myself in dillisions of grandeur, so if you want to just look at the gorgeous pictures and ignore the dribble, I fully understand.


My mum has always said that I have "ideas above my station" and this just proves it. My friend Delia puts it down to some spiritual sensation suggesting that "maybe in a past life you were an aristocrat or something". I don't know, whatever it is, I just feel comfortable. I can spend hours wandering around the rooms, admiring the antiques, fabrics, furniture and art. The smells of old just make everything so real and strangely familiar. I can really imagine how life would have been back then. I can feel the history, imagine the family sagas and personalities that would have existed there.

I guess we can all dream and maybe that's just it, maybe I have an overactive imagination and have read too many historical romances.

On our visit to the National Trust property Montecute House it was such a beautiful day that we decided not to pay the entrance fee and just hang out in the gardens instead. We spent the whole afternoon strolling around the gardens, looking at the beautiful flowers, playing chase, watching the fish in the pond, waiting just waiting for Mr Darcy. See that's another thing, being a complete romantic means that I really do believe in knights in shinning armour who whisk woman away to a happy ever after life.

Mr Darcy didn't arrive that day but I am pleased that Mr Darcy has since revved into Delia's life, albeit on a bright shiny motorbike.


Anonymous said...

It's your turn to not laugh, I'm enjoying a glass of wine from afore said House Gift Shop. Sadly thats as close as I get.

delia hornbook said...

ha ha ha ha ha O mate O sweetie ;-)) God i miss you. That day was gorgeous and indeed Mr Darcy has revved into my life on a shiny bike. He is wonderful and amazing and the most gorgeous man i have ever known. He has made my life complete and whole ;-)) We have so much to catch up and talk about. Love you very much. Big hugs dee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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