21 September 2011

Farm Shops

Just a quick little post about farm shops. This is one that I became a bit of a fan of during our stay on my Uncle's farm in Over Stowey in Somerset, England.

It's just simple, how life should be.

They grow it.

We buy it.

Bobs your Uncle. Farm fresh locally produced fruit and vegies. Come on, lets all just buy direct from our local suppliers, find them, use them, it just makes sense. It's just one of those little things we can all do easily to collectively make a difference.


Michelle @ rockMYroll said...

I have so many eggs right now i have asked Trav to build me a little hut on the side of the road to put extra produce. I agree..its better for them and for us.

Claire Gale said...

yeh, that's the way michelle. i think all gardeners that produce more than they can eat or give away should do that. what an awesome night on tuesday wasn't it:)

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