22 September 2011

Been Sewing

I've been back in Tasmania after my trip to England for five weeks now and at last I feel like I have my sewing mojo back. Feeling seriously homesick isn't psychologically conducive to creativity. I would mooch into the haven of my sewing room in a miserable state, sit for a while, drink a cup of tea and then mooch back out feeling deflated, uninspired and incapable.

How stupid is that? Just when I really needed that outlet, I couldn't find it in me. But I do think that brains and bodies can only cope with so much and sometimes mine just says NO! And on this occasion it was fair enough. I was seriously jet-lagged having found myself wide awake at night time unable to sleep. I was also redecorating Maggie-May's room after realising upon our return that there was no way she was going to fit into her cot. I was also trying to remain sympathetic to husband and child who had serious flu's, unpack 70kgs worth of stuff, deal with my own flu and make the house back into our home. Therefore, sewing up a storm on a new collection of childrens clothes was probaly asking just a little bit too much. It was time for brain to say NO - ENOUGH ALREADY.

But isn't it amazing that as soon as Maggie's room was finished, the patients were better and the house back in shape I went into my sewing room and whizzed up three gorgeous little 'gypsy dreams' tops and the following day I had fun making two more blanket dresses. I love the way the raw edges on the blanket dresses 'felt' (as in matt together) and improve with each wash. This A-line pattern came from one of my favourite dresses of Maggie's. When she was small (about one and a half) she wore it as a dress and now at three she wears it as a cool little vest. It's a really great shape. The blanket obsession will go on the back burner now until next winter as I start to think about more spring summer ideas. Thankgoodness things are looking a whole lot brighter around here.

I still have heaps more photos and stories of 'Memories from Home' to share with all you lovely readers so please feel free to become a follower if you're interested in hearing all about our English adventures. If you are interested in purchasing from me, email me claireyloo@hotmail.com I'd love to hear from you.


Kirsty said...
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Kirsty said...

Welcome back !! Wow you stitched up a storm ! Glad to hear that you re-homed your house, lol ! Now you can relax and enjoy being back. Looking forward to hearing more xxx

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