07 March 2011

Road Trips

Do you remember last year we packed up our campervan and caravan and took to the road on a seven week road trip? Although I blogged along the way (you can read the posts by clicking the 'road trip' link on the left), I thought it would be pertinent for a little list. I do love a list. You see my bestie Michelle is off on the same trip tomorrow and I said I'd give her a rundown on what not to miss, my highlights, where to stay and most importantly where to find the best shopping - vintage style that is.

God, I really had to rack my brains there! Of course there is always so much to see, too many shops, cafes and beaches to mention and never enough time to do it and see it all, plus, half the fun is finding the best places yourself so I'll leave it there for now.
Bon Voyage lucky pants.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Awww thank you!!!!

Still...is it ok to shag in oxford street???...cause i really want to do that....

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