09 March 2011

Boys Weekend

Last weekend, I got my rocks on and went on a boys off-road adventure trip to the Pieman River on the North West coast of Tasmania.....this is where I start jumping up and down clapping my hands together, how exciting!!

If this were an advert, this is about where some ACDC track would chime in with images such as these.

I woke up in my swag camped in 'leech gulley' to rain dripping on my forehead and a puddle at my feet, but hey nothing a sanga in some slut bread and a flourescent orange coloured vodka drink won't fix.

Matt is an awesome diver. I love our cook-ups:)

The second night we found the best camp spot next to the river and lit fires to dry our stuff.

I was happy that the targets were only oranges. You know they're actually very healthy when camping are those boys......well apart from the beer and ciggies, but that doesn't count:)

I feel privilaged. I've always loved doing stuff with the boys, anyone who knows me knows that. Whether it's playing footie in my roller skates when  I was a young teenager, going to festivals and oasis concerts with the lads, stag weekends, camping, surfing trips, you name it I love it. Bet ya didn't think that about me?


Anonymous said...

Hi Claire, love this post - I met my (now) husband on a 'boys' trip to the Pieman almost 10 years ago! Good fun! Kel P xxx

delia hornbook said...

ha ha ha i know you love it hun ;-)) Great pictures wish i could go with you. Lovely picture of you at the end, big hugs dee xxx

Leonie said...

I LOVE this post....my husband is a diver, my neighbor a shooter and I grew up and still live in the bush. I'm right in the mix of planing another camping trip...be it in a camper (we upgraded) and LOVE it all!!

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