28 January 2011

Touting Your Wares

Today I went out touting my wares. A very nerve racking pursuit for a humble stitcher who just likes making stuff.

But alas I had a gorgeous day and came back empty handed!!! Well empty handed of stock, but not of things bought in the oppy's. I managed to enjoy a good rummage during a Maggie-May free morning. A gorgeous blanket, some satin scraps for more bunting for the market and some yummy bummy raspberries.

I even managed to squeeze in a coffee, cake and 70 odd pages of Country Style magazine at Deli Central in Ulverstone. How special it was to be all by myself. (How many of you just had visions of Bridget jones right then?)

So anyway, I'm really pleased that Baby Boudoir will now also be available from Two Figs in Reibey Street, Ulverstone. I approached Wendy after admiring her beautiful shop.

Do you sell your creations? Do you find it easy to sell? Or do you mainly make things for yourself and your loved ones? I sometimes wonder if craft bloggers and readers of my blog are also cultivating little cottage industries on their kitchen table, just as Laura Ashley did. I'm sure there are many us's out there. Happy stitching ladies.


Allana said...

Well done you!! I love Two Figs and Wendy is so nice, Baby Boudoir will be perfect there! :)

delia hornbook said...

awww well done mate, what kind of things does she sell? You are doing so well for yourself ;-) Have you thought about having an online etsy shop? you would do great on there im sure. Love and hugs dee xxxxx

Melinda said...

I might just check Two Figs and admire your stuff, if there are any left when I get there.

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