29 January 2011

More on Ugly Seams

I have a question. Oh by the way, the photos are not related to the topic of the post, they're just for fun. A question of the utmost importance.

I'm sure it's something that we all ask oursleves whenever we make little 'muck-ups' that make us say those bad four letter words.

It's a little snesitive, maybe to some, but i was just wondering, is it really really imporant that all seams line up. Like perfectly, like Mr Exactamundo has quality tested them.

Because whilst I have a bit of perfectionism in me, sometimes things just don't add up, right? And it'll be such a shame to dwell on such a silly little thing when overall the rest is pretty damm cute. I hope and pray that everyone agrees! But I have managed to tidy up the ugly seams to an acceptable level. But more on that later peeps. Hope you're having a fun weekend.


Melinda said...

My sister makes her own clothes, and likes to get every stitch just so. I tend to not be so anal about it, and just enjoy getting things sewn and in use, so I can start the next project. As long as it doesn't fall to bits when it's washed.

willywagtail said...

It all depends on you. If it is important to you and you are going to worry every time you see it then yes it is important. Perfection doesn't worry a lot of people these days so there is no need to be too picky. Some people even like a little bit of imperfection as it is a sign of the homemade rather than factory made. Cherrie

Jill said...

Beautiful photos!!
You tend to notice your own mistakes far far more than anyone else ever does! I remember going clothes shopping with my mum as a kid, and how shocked she always was at all the mistakes and mismatched seams in store bought clothes! Too perfect is too unnatural!!

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