09 January 2011

Hi, how the devil are you all? Well I hope. Did you have a nice Christmas? Seems like ages ago now doesn't it what with all the trees and decorations down, the left overs gone and the New Year in full swing. It's been so long since my last post I haven't even wished you all a Happy New Year. I hope you manage to make your year ahead all that you wish for.

Falls Festival
I decided to take abit of a holiday this Christmas, from my sewing room and from my computer and I have to say it's been great.  It was also abit of a forced holiday as dear little Maggie is still exerting her assertive self and being very demanding. Thank you so much for all your emails, comments, kind words and help. It was really good to hear different ideas and thoughts on the issue. It was funny, Christmas night I was sat outside having a  er 'bit of time'  after dealing with the biggest tantrum Maggie had ever had and I heard crying and tantrums coming from the house behind us where there are two young children. It made me think, I wonder how many other children are doing the same right now, at bedtime on Christmas night. Makes you realise, you're not alone.

Wynyard Christmas Parade
So last Sunday I said to myself ok enough 'time-off' time to get stitching again. I have so many commitments to fulfill (I haven't forgotton you) and a new range for Baby Boudoir that I am very excited about.

West Point, Marrawah
But then Monday was such a beautiful sunny day we spent the day in the garden and on the beach. Tuesday was even hotter and Wednesday too, in fact the whole week has been just perfect with heaps of fun in the paddling pool, playing on the beach, surfing with Maggie, reading a fabulous book, eating lots of yummy mum cooked food, I just didn't want it to end.

But this week I really must get organised for our next MadewithLOVEBazaar market which in on this Saturday ...... YIKES! Same time 9am - 1.30pm, same place Artscape in Wynyard, Tasmania. Be there or be square. Dress-up theme Hippie Love.

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