16 November 2010

Gypsy Bags

I’m tired this morning and I don’t know where to start. I have so many things I want to achieve this morning. I should be doing the laundry and washing-up. But I’d rather take photos of the bags I’ve been making for the market. So I did.

Maggie goes to childcare on Tuesday mornings and I love the time this gives me. However, I have to stop myself from stressing about the best way to use this time or I end up wasting it chasing my tail around in circles trying to do too much and achieving very little. I wanted to write a blog post too as it's been so long again. So I am.

There are also times when Maggie is at childcare when I just want to lie on the couch in silence and read a book or have a nanna nap. So I do. But then after a while I have to get up as the feeling of wasting this precious time is too much and all the projects I want to do are zooming around in my mind. It’s always abit of a conflict isn’t it?

So when I’ve finished this I’m going to take cup of tea into my sewing room and work on the journals that I want to make to go in the little pockets I made last week. I have found some really lovely inexpensive watercolour books which have beautiful paper pages.

I’ve been loving making these bags. It’s so nice to be able to just hack into the fabric without having to measure and refer to a pattern every second. I love being more spontaneous and making it up as I go along. It’s a real drag having to refer to patterns and measure things when making clothes or following tutorials. I’d forgotten how nice it is to be more creative instead of trying to make everything millimetre perfect, as you do when dress making.

So maybe later I’ll have time to put some washing on, do the washing-up, vacum and make a some lunch. If I achieve all this I’ll have had a happy Tuesday morning. Roll on Friday morning. Did I really say that out loud?


Jacki said...

Those bags are gorgeous! And don't worry about not being productive with your time. I think as long as you feel good, you're not wasting time!

delia hornbook said...

The bags are lovely hun, just have fun and don't stress sweetie its just not worth it, remember sewing is about having fun. You Go Girl xxx

Allana said...

I love your bags, they look fabulous! I am looking forward to the market, will hopefully get something organised to sell at the next one. I feel the same when I get free time and also find myself literally walking around in circles trying to do everything. Lately I've just gone with a bit of sewing or relaxing on the couch! :)

Melinda said...

My favourite bag would be the doilie bag. I'd call it granny chic.

Seaweed and Raine said...

What a gorgeous backdrop for your bags! Makes me want to grab one of them stuff it with a book, lipgloss, sunscreen, hat and towel and head to the beach!
Love it!
Well done :)What markets are you selling them at?

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