21 July 2010

Caravan Refurb - Part 3

Time to get down and dirty!! This weekend Maggie and I scrubbed the inside of the old girl from top to bottom, the caravan that is. Not very exciting for you guys though so I'll just take this opportnuity to share with you a quick little Good Housekeeping tip which was also highlighted by the lovely Sarah over at Red Gingham who recently wrote a fabulous post about all the wonderful efforts she was making towards a more environmentally friendly existence - well done you! Using Bi-carb and white vinegar for all your cleaning needs is a cheap environmentally friendly alternative to harsh chemical cleaning products. I use it to clean floors, sinks, bathrooms and surfaces, basically anything you'd otherwise grab a commercial 'squirty product' for. I also add a few drops of my favouriote oils to make it smell lovely, lavender and rose are my favourites. But tea tree or eucalyptus is good for germy areas.

Anyway, back to the caravan refurb, once we'd finish the cleaning, I lined all the cupboard shelves with the polka dot vinyl I used before for the drawers. What a difference it makes, and the melamine plates and bowls look so cute in there don't they.

Or should I use this set of Alfred Meakin china?

Which would you use? Once again the old impractical me says use the Alfred Meakin, it'll be so cool to have lovely china when camping, but the new practical me says don't be so silly, it'll break!!. Wotcha think, plastic or china?


Taylor Made said...

I have Alfred Meakin China and I am so precious about mine...so I would go the unbreakable in the caravan.

Julie said...

I like the china idea. Love how its looking.

handmadehappiness said...

i love alfred china but the practical me says go plastic.... it's very funky plastic which helps x

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