23 April 2010

Urban Country

There's been something on my mind. This week in 'My Creative Space' Kirsty from Kootoyoo lead us to the blog 'Tales of a Junkaholic' to share this lady from London's shed. I just wanted to highlight this again as it is sooooo damm Cool - note the capital 'C' in cool. I just didn't want anyone to miss it. So see below, yep just another beautiful work room hey, then look here to see the whole story.......

It reminded me how creative one gets when working in small spaces. I once lived in the 'official' smallest house in Somerset when living in England. I loved it, so cute. When friends asked where the loo was I loved to say "go upstairs, along the first landing, through to the next then take the fourth door on the right"......hehehe, it was out the back!!!! Living in australia, space is one thing I'm not in short supply of, but give me character over space anyday.

I love the way this lady makes urban life so country - see it's not all like 'The Bill' living in London!

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