21 April 2010

Package from Dora

A package arrived this morning from my mum - aka 'Dora the explorer' as she is affectionately known by my husband. For those who haven't read about my mum before, she is indeed a very intrepid explorer. Spending most of her year travelling all over the world. So it is always very exciting receiving little packages from her.....you just never know what it might be. This one was for Maggie posted from Laos and contained this funky little hat, an apron (perfect for our cooking sessions) and a 'national dress' skirt for Maggie's ever increasing dressing-up box. That reminds me, I must tell you about the gypsy dresses one day.

I love the colours and the finger pressed handstitched applique. You can tell even the pom-poms have been handmade.

I'll show you the skirt when we get to play "girl from Laos".

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