22 April 2010

Mr Creative Space

I had to have abit of a tidy up of my creative space this morning as I was fed up of standing on pins with my bare feet !!! And low and behold look what I found in one of the many 'work in progress' piles..............

Of course I hadn't really forgotton about it, it's just that it's one of those projects that I've been putting away and coming back to time and time again. I just can't quite get it to look how I want. They're big buttons covered with beautiful embroidery. I'm stuck on the 'packaging'. I want to use lovely illustrations of roses from an old book, but........well.........you tell me what you think?

I like the typeface on this picture. Hmmm, back on the pile for now though I think. I've also been playing with some dry felting to make some cosy winter cushions for the couch. Once again, it was the colours that made me pick the wool off the shelf. It's so quick and easy to do, just watch those fingers:)

My there's some lovely clever people, have a look before you go http://www.kootoyoo.com/.

1 comment:

Allana said...

The buttons look lovely Claire and I think the packaging will suit them perfectly.
Great work felting, is it really that easy?

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