19 April 2010

Monday Morning Book Club

This week another of my favourite inspirational home decor books. I love the way this book combines old and new, modern with traditional, country with ethnic, functional with impractical and the colours......oh the colours.......they are as striking as a belly dancer in the souks of Marrakesh:)

Whilst I have always treasured vintage trash and op-shop finds, I am very picky about what I do and don't like, particularly in my home. And over the years I have realised that it all comes down to colour. I just gotta have bright colours in my life. Look at this gorgeous chair, wouldn't it be great to stumble across one of these.

I often find myself looking at 1970's pieces because of their shape/design, but they are often diarrhoea brown/yellow and burnt orange so I pop them back on the shelf as I consider them to be sombre and dull. I think that 's why this book appeals to me so much. It reminds me how important colour is. I also love this green chair and beautiful print cushions.

I recently had a comment on my blog that made my day as it described Baby Boudoir as "Retro but modern". It's always been my quest to make patchwork modern, to move on from that typical 'home spun' look. This book has a couple of gorgeous patchwork pieces.

And oh my goodness, wouldn't we all like one of these for our precious things.

It's such an ecclectic mix and that's why I love to be inspired by it. What books inpire you? Do you have a favourite style you attempt to replicate? Can you describe your style?........I find this really hard to do as I love so many different things, things I don't even know about yet:) Have fun discovering the things you love.

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