12 April 2010

Monday Morning Book Club

Not so much as a recomendation this week than a reminder, to fill your life with books. Buy, beg, borrow or steal, do whatever you have to do to get those you see you like. I went to a book sale at the weekend and despite initial 'can't really be bothered' rummaging because it was all just chaotic randomness, I ended up bringing home a couple of Spanish educational childrens books with the most beautifil illustrations. Circa 1969, published in Santiago, Chile.


I really love the faces, the cute little outfits, the eyes, the hair, the red shoes and blue tights.

So what will I do with them? Who knows.......but my point is whilst they sit on my kitchen table I'm having fun learning some spanish at mealtimes, I'm enjoying being inspired by the little girls cute bonnet and I'm realising and learning how easy it is to draw those beautiful faces. Surely that alone is worth the $1 I paid for them. This is why it's good to fill your life with books. Then one day, sometime in the future, they'll be perfect for that special little project :)

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