03 March 2010

Tasmanian Parent Magazine

Thank you so much Rebecca Livermore for the editorial in Tasmanian Parent magazine on page 22. This magazine is distributed to all childcare establishments, schools, colleges, libraries and government offices thoughout the state so I was very chuffed to bits when I got the call from Rebecca saying that she'd like to feature my work. I'd also like to say hi to all those readers who are visiting my site after reading the editorial. Feel free to follow this blog to keep ahead of all Baby Boudoir developments as I currently have lots of sizzling hot irons in the fire......me see a market developing:)........and I would also love to hear your comments. Feedback is so important when you're venturing into new territory.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Awesome Claire! So many people with see this, it's fabulous, well done :) Lis

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