09 March 2010

Monday Morning Book Club

Better late than never hey! First on my list of things to do upon my return from a very wet weekend at Marrawah for my brilliant husbands surf comp is to do my Monday Morning Book Club blog - see I have my priorities very right indeed:)

I suppose this book should really have been No.1 on my 'must have' list of books for fellow crafters. This book sits besides my sewing machine and doesn't dare move. I refer to it as often as the pope refers to his bible. You know when you're working on a project and you just can't quite work out how to do this or should I do this before I do that, well this baby has all your answers. It's what Mrs Beeton is to coooking or a good housekeeping manuel is to the desprate housewife. It covers everything; equipment and supplies, how to get the best out of your sewing machine, explains all about different fabrics, methods and sewing techniques, using patterns, projects, decorative touches, mending, tailoring, home furnishings.....it's got the lot with step-by-step pictorial instructions. This one is circa 1972 but there are many out there in charity shops, all very similiar. So grab yourself a copy today from your local Vinnies for about $2.

Hmmm now to tackle the mountain of wet sandy washing and a very messy campervan.

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