15 March 2010

Sand, sun, surf and Maggie smiles

Here at the Gale household we love, love love camping!!!!!

After another weekend away, we are reminded just how important it is to us to escape and vague out for a while on the remote NW Coast of Tassie. We have been without this medicine for the whole of the summer due to a little accident in the New Year when our camper took a tumble. Having finshed fitting-out 'dotty mk 2' (our new camper) a couple of weeks ago, we're back on the road again and my it feels good. I now feel refreshed and ready to make the best of this week.

Do you remember a while ago I spoke about lots of exciting irons I have in the fire? I have a meeting this morning to discuss these so I will have to dash off now, but please pop back again soon and I'll fill you in as soon as I can. It's gonna be a very exciting opportunity for anyone who 'makes' anything on the NW Coast!!

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