21 February 2010

The Golden Rule of Op-Shopping: If You Love It - Buy It!

Sunday morning love sings on BBC Radio 2, cup of tea at my side and Maggie-May tucked up having her morning sleep, time for me to write my blog. Which this week will be about a subject very close to our hearts - op-shopping. I guess everyone has their tactics, their favourite haunts and their contacts, but for me there is only one golden rule - IF YOU LOVE IT, BUY IT! (and if you don't - don't).

Remind yourself how inexpensive it is, how you're making a donation to a charity and of the positive environmental implications of recycling. Furthermore, how many times have you heard yourself and others say " I so wished I had bought that chair/quilt....." because it's almost guarateed to be gone if you go back for it. And if the new purchase doesn't quite work out as you hoped then a friend who is a fellow (but not so frequent) op-shopper may love to take it off your hands........there's an idea - an op-shop swap meet! So these are my purchases this week.

february finds
A white wicker chair for the garden, a white and blue enamel colander, some 1960's childrens books, 'bird' pattern fabric, bright coloured zips and buttons and some beautiful embroidery. You can never have too many enamel colanders and pots; hang them in the kitchen, use them for planters in the garden, for picking your fruit/vegies in the garden or for displaying things in the house. Think ecclectic, another good reason to BUY IT. Forget those notions of 'it won't go with....'. You'll find a use or a place for everything, even if it is just in the shed.
buttons and zips

I have plans for the books, buttons, zips and embroidery. In fact I went to Vinnies specifically to find these so was very happy with the result.

I would love you to pop back to Baby Boudoir again, bring a cup of tea and see what I have created with this weeks op-shop finds. I'm sorry to say I seem to be having problems with the comments section of the blog, but please feel free to email me any comments whilst I work out how to fix it (especially if you know how to fix it!)....and don't forget to follow me, sign-up over there on the left. Wishing you all happy and successful op-shopping :)

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will work Claire. Love the blog. Mum

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