13 February 2010

My Makes

It seems that I may be a somewhat shy blogger!!!! Each time I attempt to write a post, words seem to fail me. For someone who is not usually short of a word or two this feels a little weirdorama. Maybe that's it, maybe I just have too much to say and don't know where to start. Nevermind, until I find the confidence and feel comfortable about revealing my thoughts, creations and aspirations to the world, pictures of 'my makes' that I have for sale will have to suffice.

The bag pictured above is one of the many different coloured bags I have for sale. Made from recycled wool, buttons, beads and beautifully handmade fabric/felt flower embellishments. Great for little girls to carry their own bib, wipes and spoon when meeting friends for lunch.
Below is Florrie-Blue and Violet from my softie range. Made from recycled stock. I use all the same fabrics for bunting, softies and quilts for a fully co-ordinated baby's boudoir. (See quilts and bunting on the right hand side of the page).
this is sunny...........
and this is Florrie and Maggie.

So there's a few of my little makes for you to ponder over. Baby Boudoir is a very new venture for me and I'm very excited about seeing how it develops. One thing I have discovered recently is how many very talented ladies there are busy in their homes creating wonderful handmade treasures. We need to get together, share ideas and inspiration. I would love to hear from you all, particularly if you are local to NW Tasmania and would be interested in selling your creations in "a winters eve artisans market" that I'm hoping to organise over the winter where people can come to sell, buy, chat, hang-out and have coffee and cake. Look forward to hearing from you.......and don't forget to follow me, sign up over there on the left.

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