14 December 2011

Fair Isle

So back to the Isabel Green wardrobe and a Fair Isle tank top to wear over the 1940's dresses. Fair Isle is one of the small islands off Scotland that make up the Shetlands and is where the 'Fair Isle' knitting technique originated. Yes that's right, not only are they responsible for the very cute little ponies, but also the gorgeous geometric knitting pattern. Imagine what a quaint little place it must be, everyone running around in cosy cardies on miniature ponies!


I sense that there has been abit of a Fair Isle comeback in the fashion stakes (we often miss these in Tasmania) and I have to say I want to jump right on that band wagon. I'm really loving the whole 1940's wartime look thanks to the Nanny McPhee inspiration.


So when Mum said that she wanted to knit something, I was just a little bit thrilled about the prospect of picking my very own Fair Isle cardy or tank top pattern and then she found this amazing website called The Vintage Knitting Lady where you can buy copies of old knitting patterns in pdf format. Mum currently has one on the go for Maggie (the 1st picture) and I can't wait for my turn.
Mum also joked that maybe Kim would like one too. But that really would be way too Sullivans!!!!


Michelle @ rockMYroll said...

Hahahha do it...i want to hang out with the Sullivans!!
Your mums a clever cookie..looks fab!!

Allana said...

Wow lucky you! Yes, have her make Kim one too, that would be the sweetest hehe - and it is super practical in our climate after all ;)
That green in the last pic id gorgeous! x

Kestrel said...

I'm a big fair isle fan too and am currently working my way through a 1940s sweater, which I bought from the site you mention!

green tea and red nails said...

ohhh... this is so lovely! i have a fair isle jumper or cardigan on my 'wish list'! cant wait to see the finished product :)

Kel x

p.s - thanks for stopping over at my blog! the tent is from an aussie company called soulpad. they are seriously the best tents ever! i love mine!!

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