31 October 2011

To Market To Market

Sarah, Michelle and Me - Trashy housewife theme market
It's been so long since I mentioned our little market the 'Made With Love Bazaar' and I actually have a very big reason to mention it now as we will celebrating our first year of success at our next market in November. It can't believe it's been one year since we decided to stop talking about it and do it!

Crooked Stitch
I first met Michelle when we were at an antenatal group. We were the 'naughty' ones who got the giggles during the birthing video, talked about sewing when we should have been discussing birth plans and left the group feeling pleased we'd met each other but not really knowing much about what we were about to experience in child birth!
Adore U
Angie Freeman Mosiacs
Baby Boudoir
Baby Boudoir
Baby Boudoir
During the months that followed it wasn't just our babies that were born but a plan to start some kind of co-op/market to sell locally handmade products. Michelle was heavily involved with the local art scene and therefore had many contacts, a suitable venue and was ultimately the one that was brave enough to run with it.
Baby Boudoir
Buttercup Cakes
We were also eagerly encouraged by the other 'stitch n bitch' girls who were excited about becoming involved in a community based handmade market. And thank goodness for Sarah, who managed to organise all our chaos. So it was with nervous anticipation that we all set up for our first market, hoping and praying that enough people would come along to make it a success.

Clever Zebra Designs
Grace of Autumn
Grace of Autumn
Having a Hoot
The community has really embraced our market and we are so appreciative of them, especially our 'regulars'. We have also been blown away by the amount of talented artisans on the North West coast of Tasmania wanting to become involved, it is just amazing it really is.
Pure Sense
Turning Trixie
Sweet Mia
Last week I saw a friend in town, a friend that is very supportive of local artisans and has been supportive of our market and she said "you know you guys should be so proud of yourselves and what you've achieved, everyone talks about the market and how brilliant it is". Thanks Alison, we are and it was lovely of you to remind us. Thanks also to everyone that is or has been involved; shoppers, stall holders, Naomi our photographer, the Advocate Newspaper, SeaFM radio, buskers you've all been awesome and we couldn't have done it without each other. Cheers all and here's to another year of fun and dress-ups. Come along and experience the LOVE: Artscape Building, 45 Jackson Street, Wynyard, Tasmania every second Saturday of the month between 9am - 1pm.

Third Vine


delia hornbook said...

Lovely post sweetie you should all indeed be very proud. Loving your new blog header. We must try and catch up soon. So much has happened here since you left. Big hugs to you and Maggie. dee xxxxxxxx

Kirsty said...

YAY ! You are back !! And Mrs, your blog looks amazing !! cant wait to see more xxx

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